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MV for the whole family

Mecklenburg-Vorpommern is a family-friendly region. The high concentration of childcare facilities for small children alone bears witness to this. This is the right place to pursue a demanding career with a future and still have enough time for the family and recreation. Young people are supported in their development into self-dependent and socially responsible personalities whilst elderly people can enjoy their life here as actively and self-determinedly as possible.

It is especially easy to combine children and working life in MV. (Image:

Best Work-Life-Balance

Mecklenburg-Vorpommern offers outstanding career perspectives: because overall conditions are right, a growing number of international concerns have settled here and a highly diverse employment market for trainees, young professionals and specialist staff has developed. The wide variety of sectors ranges from tourism through the health economy, trade, logistics, mechanical engineering, wind energy and IT services to the maritime industry. In addition, the Baltic region purposefully promotes future-oriented fields such as life sciences or environmental technology, and offers room and support for motivated people with good ideas.

The outstanding work-life balance plays an important role in the decision to live and work in MV. Clean, unspoilt nature is often just a few minutes by car away from the workplace – regardless of whether it’s the Müritz river landscape, one of the region’s many lakes or a Baltic Sea beach. Add to this a broad range of leisure activities for the entire family, from theatre or museum visits, an outing to the zoo and lots of sporting facilities to a weekend on a houseboat. Not to mention comparatively low living costs.

It is especially easy to combine children and working life in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. We have some of the best and most comprehensive childcare facilities in Germany. More than half of under three-year-olds and almost all 3 to 6-year-old children attend a childcare facility or a daycare provider. More than two thirds of all primary school children are registered in a day nursery. Opening times are increasingly adapted to the needs of the parents, who often work shifts. The first 24-hour day-care centres for children already exist in the regional capital of Schwerin, in Neubrandenburg, Stralsund, Rostock, Demmin and Wismar. With this, MV is a real pioneer and a really family-friendly region.

MV offers a wide variety of sports activities both afloat and ashore. (Image: TMV/Roth)

The future of the region

Education represents the future for young people. In principle, there should be equality for all children and adolescents as regards access to education. As part of more independence for schools, quality is to be developed further and pupils supported individually as far as possible. Conservationists and firemen, the politically engaged or Scouts - numerous active youth associations and organisations with different thematic and ideological orientations are active in MV. Children and adolescents design, organise and are responsible for major parts of the work themselves. The associations and organisations thus offer them a lot a space for self-fulfilment and creativity. This is also the aim of youth work, which encompasses extra-curricular youth education, sport and leisure activities, advice and also target group-oriented youth work and holidays.

MV is today already one the front-runners amongst the new federal states with its high quota of industrial training. Trainees have exciting perspectives here. They start professional life with the best possible support. Studying for a degree is also a good idea in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Universities and colleges with long traditions offer the best possible conditions for subsequently getting started in your dream job. Good study conditions lay the foundation and innovative, practice-oriented degree courses ensure a successful career start.

MV has many educational opportunities for older people. (Image: University of Rostock)

The prime of life between the sea and the lakes

There are few regions which are better than Mecklenburg-Vorpommern for enjoying the prime of life. The Baltic Sea brings mild, salty air and the right climate. Natural treasures such as the landscape, sea, chalk, moors, brine and lakes offer the best possible conditions for enjoying the prime of life actively and in the prime of health. The mind is exercised too: museums for art, technology or natural history entice visitors all year round and events such as the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Festival, which are well-known beyond the region, attract great artists to the Baltic Sea. In addition, there are numerous learning opportunities for the elderly such as the Senior Citizens’ Academy at the University of Rostock.

The aim of MV’s senior citizen policy is for older people to actively partake in social life. The regional "Growing old in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern" programme is intended to help make autonomous and self-determined living possible for older people, to promote the integration of the older generation into society and to involve older people even more closely in society. The region has good care infrastructure. In addition to residential care, many alternative forms of living have developed for older people in recent years in order to satisfy the demand for more autonomy.